Meet Our 2023 Speakers

Speakers for the 2024 Leadership Development Conference will be shared soon.

Headshot of Kirsten Adams
Kirsten Adams

Director and Counsel of Policy and Public Affairs, Oregon-Columbia Chapter of AGC

Headshot of Dylan Bochsler
Dylan Bochsler

Second Vice-President, Oregon-Columbia Chapter of AGC
Vice President, North Santiam Paving Co.

Headshot of Michael Bottlang PhD
Michael Bottlang, Ph.D.

Founder & Director, Legacy Biomechanics Laboratory

Headshot of Megan Deitschel
Megan Deitschel

Chair, CLC Austin

Headshot of Kelliann Desrosier
Kelliann Desrosier

Chair, CLC Seattle

Headshot of David Goulet
David Goulet

Chair, CLC North Dakota

Headshot of Steve Malany
Steve Malany

President, Oregon-Columbia Chapter of AGC

Headshot of Lainee Perala
Lainee Perala

Project Manager, Perlo Construction

Headshot of Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts

Vice President, AGC

Headshot of Paul Rovianek
Paul Rovianek

Superintendent, Andersen Construction

Headshot of Kerri Smith
Kerri Smith

VP, Southeast Region General Manager, Baker Concrete

Headshot of Jacob Suarez
Jacob Suarez

Social Media Content Creator, @BiggieClean

Headshot of Rachel Wilbur
Rachel Wilber

Chair, National CLC Steering Committee

Headshot of Matt Turkstra
Matthew Turkstra

Sr. Director of Congressional Relations for Building and Infrastructure Finance,  AGC of America

Headshot of Aaron Witt
Aaron Witt

Chief Dirt Nerd, BuildWitt

Headshot of Max Margolis
Max Margolis

Assistant Director of Prevention, Lines For Life